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Support Groups beginning in January 2019

The 17 Percent of Men support groups are starting on January 9th 2019 in Herefordshire, meeting in Room 1 at the Kindle Centre, Belmont Road, Hereford. The first meeting is on a Wednesday from 7-8pm. Thereafter we will meet every two weeks, same place, same time at the Kindle Centre. The support group is a dedicated group for men in Herefordshire who were sexually abused when they were boys.

We as men do not have to live with the stigma of what happened to us as boys. The shame and the blame never belonged to us. We are survivors and together we can help each other to move on. We can unshackle ourselves from the ties that anchor us to our past abuse. We can help each other. We can break the silence of our abuse. We will never forget what happened to us but it will never define us.

BBC Hereford and Worcester

Last week I went over to the Hereford and Worcester radio station in Worcester to highlight the 17 Percent of Men and our support group meetings beginning in January. In a recorded interview conducted by the breakfast presenters Elliot and Toni, I told them a little of my personal journey, but more importantly I told them how those who need our support can make contact with the 17 Percent of Men.

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